A couple of Roland's comments have caused me to remember something I have
been meaning to tell you about for a while now.
I have been actively advertising the Newsgroup at rally's and from the
giggles, note taking and questions I am asked what I have put on my display
board is obviously working.
It reads as follows:
Stationary Engine Newsgroup.
Are you into Sarcasm, Arguments, Back biting and generally annoying people
then why not join us at a Newsgroup called
Where you will get all of the above plus the best help available in
restoring, running, buying/selling spares and Engines. A generally friendly
natured bunch of guys will do their utmost to assist you with your problems
and queries.
We are located all over the UK and in fact the World.
I then go onto explain how via OE, Google or the Web they can find us.
This I think you will agree sums us all up.
Martin P
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And unfortunately it could also cause some to dissapear :-((
Martin P
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Steady Martin. This could open the gates and flood this NG with people who want to talk about engines.
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John Manders

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