PH1 Injection Timing.

Does anyone know where I can download a brief description to
assist me in setting up the injection timing on a Petter PH1?
I've picked up a re-conditioned pump, and fitted a new nozzle and
holder to the injector (all now squeaks well!) but as I'm in the
process of decorating / moving I've boxed-up and sent my PH1 book
to be stored a good few miles away (I'm a messy decorator, and
the paint splashes a looong way!)
Many Thanks.
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With the help of the Petter PH1 manual, and a set of spanners we have life! only a few more minor details to sort out before I go for a 20MPH drive... (steering and brakes).
Thanks for the replies, I was getting nowhere without your help!
Many Thanks.
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