Happy holidays all ...

I was doin' my Vikin' theng at Canary Wharf yesterday & spent a frustrating four hours coming home as a passenger in someone else's car. I was near to gnawing my seat belt .........

Anyway, I'm off to Fritton Lake in Norfolk for the weekend. Do drop in if you are in the area, I can assure you of an interesting day out.

Wherever the rest of you are going, have a great time filled with more Rusty Iron than mine!


Kim Siddorn

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Kim Siddorn
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I hope you have a a good weekend. I'll look the place up on the map; I like lakes and ponds, and the wildfowl that haunt them, and if I find myself in Narfk some time, it may be one to take a look at.

Geoff and I will be at Rushden tomorrow with the '52 Minor Series MM. I hope the engines won't have been put in a far-off corner of the field, as ISTR they have been some years. ISTR Pitstone is on the Monday; we may go if it's on, and if the weather isn't too horrible. Not yet sure whether we'll be at Stotfold Mill next weekend.

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