Well the hols are now over so (in the hope that there=92s still some folks reading this group) I thought I'd post a few quick points about what we did.

As normal we went for a caravan touring holiday. This year we decided to go somewhere other than the usual SW and headed for Wales.

As a member of the Morgan 3 Wheeler Club, I took advantage of the club car. They were left this 1937 trike by its only owner in his will about 7 years ago and keep it for club members to use. Unusually, it's a 4 seater so the family all fitted in. We trundled gently around Ross on Wye and the Forest of Dean for 4 days. Went to RoW Sunday market. While rummaging through a box of taps and dies, the seller offered the lot for =A335. Well I=92d got most of the sizes but it seemed OK so I paid up. A count up showed I=92d bought nearly 100 items so that made me happy.

After 4 days we=92d seem most things in the area and had got fed up with going at 45mph so the Morgan was returned and we headed off to south Wales, Pendine to be exact. There=92s now a museum of speed on the beach. I also learned that there was to an attempt at the British electric car land speed record that weekend. That rather decided my Saturday and Sunday. They didn=92t get the record but I got to poke my nose into some interesting bits of the car.

The following week I managed a couple of nice trips to Internal Fire. Nice Welsh roads, nice people and engines made me happy. The family were left at an activity farm to play.

As our fortnight was coming to an end, we moved nearer to home and spent the last long weekend at Yesterdays Farming. This show unusually moves location frequently and this year was further north that usual. Unfortunately, the show seemed to suffer and, although there were plenty of engines & tractors, there were few family attractions. The weather was also wet and that puts a dampener on shows like that. We left on Sunday lunchtime and headed home.

A week at work led up to my solo trip to Honiton Hill rally and GDSF. Spoke to Roland at HH who I=92d ignored at YF. Sorry Roland, I really didn=92t see you. Called it to the Tank Museum on the way to GDSF. It=92s a good place to use a day and get a good lunch. Saw Martin P and Peter at GDSF as usual. Enjoyed the show. The weather/cider/exhibits were good. I bought various odds and ends including nearly 50kg of tent for the family. That made me sweat shifting it back to the caravan.

I left a little earlier than usual on Friday intending to get the tent home in time for the family to take it to their weekend cub camp (I don=92t do tents). Unfortunately the A34 was its usual unhelpful self and they=92d left by the time I=92d got home. Nothing for it but to follow them up to the camp site. I could pop in and see my family as well so combined 2 reasons to drive another 150 miles. We wrestled the new tent up OK. It=92s bigger than their last one which ain=92t exactly small. The cub master asked if this tent had an upstairs! It may be a little too big especially as my eldest has his own pop up tent as well.

Seeing my family meant a late night home but the weekend alone was spent peacefully pottering in the workshop putting taps and dies away.


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