Triumph APU

As I was on the M42 on Friday, I dropped into the National Motorcycle Museum (NEC & A45). They place now has a new hall open since I was there a couple of years ago & they have some really interesting stuff, including things like Howard Daniel's TT Norton, restored from a burnt out wreck using 80% of original parts.

I went to take some new shots of the Triumph generator engine that was used as an in-flight APU in Pathfinder Lancasters. Reading the crib sheet, I'm surprised to find that they were continuously rated at 4kva & would deliver

6kva for short periods. Obvious really that when you base a generator on a 26bhp motorcycle engine, it is gong to be capable of high output.......

You might like to see the pics I took here

formatting link
They are as they came off the camera & are about 3mgb each ;o))

I'll resize the rest of the NMM photos & put them up later. Regards,

Kim Siddorn

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Please let us know when you have reduced them all to a more reasonable size.

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Webshots has already done most of the necessary. About 100kb each, for on-screen viewable size.

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Andy Dingley

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