Any idea's chaps? (or chapessies!)

Whishing to construct a coal mine in 4mm scale. The book 'Modelling aspects
of the Coal Industry' has plans of pit-head gear, which shows wheels of 6cm
I understand that these wheels were actually spoked as per a bicycle. Any
idea's where I could get these from ?
I know Walthers do a model of a coal mine, but I'm not aware of the
diameter of the wheels in that kit
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Keith J Patrick
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I remember, many, many years ago, building an Airfix model of a Dennis fire engine. The wheels on the end of the ladder would be about the correct diameter, I think. There is one available via eBay (three actually, but this one is cheapest) :
item number 6027007067
Wheels are spoked, but not like a bicycle, though.
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Graeme Eldred
Pit head wheels were of various diameters, those on the lead mones were tiny, those on coal mines caried depending on the size of the pit head gear. Some mines had the pit head sticking out of the roof of the picking shed, which makes for a more compact model. In N I used spoked wheels intended for loco modellers in a larger scale, spoked but not overlapped as described but they looked okay I thought. Wheels for horse and cart modellers might do but I have not looked at thisein detail (Hobbies used to sell this kind of thing) Check out Beamish museum for a handy small coal mine
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Faller makes a kit of a North German one! You'd have to leave the shutters off the windows of the attached buildings. :-)
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Greg Procter
Or consider a 'drift' mine, there is a Pola (?) kit of the surface buildings for one of these just listed as 'coal mine' but has no pit head gear. Suitable for UK use in somewhere like Forest of Dean.
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Here in blyth on the north east coast the council rescued one of the winding wheels of the batws pit (sunk mid 1930's closed mid 1980')
it has been mounted outside the council offices
approx 12' in diameter and is cast in two halves bolted together at rim amd hub. spokes are about 1.5" to 2" in diameter
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Andrew Carr

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