Foam Underlay - this stuff any good?

For the track underlay, I am looking at:
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I like the Pre ballasted Light Brown Sandstone finish - looks very good.
Its £12.50 for 5M. A few questions for those in the know how :)
- Is it suitable for straights, curves, flexi-track etc?
- Is it easy to use? I am brand new to the hobby so learning still...
- Is this a competitive cost?
Thanks guys, its nice to have such a knowledgable group to rely on!!!
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Gary Whittle
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The website looks pretty self-explanatory.
Looks pretty easy. Points & crossings with uneven sleeper spacing would be more tricky.
It's twice the price of Peco plain foam underlay - Peco is available ready-made for points & crossings. Cork underlay is cheaper still.
I'm sure you'll get other suggestions too.
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