35 amp transformer wanted

I build 10-11 volt power supplies for my repeater's transmitters. Since
they pull
around 20-25 amps I've been using 35 amp/12v rated transformers and
a few windings off to get 10 volts AC. The vender (Hosfelt) ran out of
these and I'd like to get at least one more. The part numbers and other
lables on the transformer are:
430-7001-4, EIA 6-9534, CLASS 180 H1 MEXICO. They are about 4 1/2" x
4", etc. Searcing on the web did not bring any current items to me. If
have any leads please email me snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com or visit my site
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Karl Shoemaker
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I can't help directly, but have you considered using a microwave oven transformer? When microwaves break it's usually not the mains winding on the transformer that goes.
Cut the high voltage windings off and replace with some enamelled copper - even plastic coated copper would probably do. 10 V ac should take about 20 turns, but YMMV and I am in the UK and it's all different here, so I can't even recommend a wire size.
Will do 10 V at 25 A with ease though, that's only 250 watts, and even the smallest ones will handle 700 watts - and watts amps and volts are the same everywhere!
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Peter Fairbrother

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