Add-a-phase questions

1. I hate to 'bug' my electrician friends, but I can't remember what type
of 3 phase is in my alley, either Delta, or Wye?
I know in the commerical district there is available 3 phase, that is
different from what is in my residential alley.
At one time a neighboring city even had DC in the alley for the elevators.
2. I was always under the impression that the 'wild leg' was generated
between any 'Wye' phase leg, and the ground. Is that correct?
3. And this wild leg voltage was approx 1.6 times the voltage, of the
leg taken to ground. ?????
4. My biggest question is, "Do the motors on a 17HP add-a-phase, both
have to be the same as the 3 phase in the alley"?
5. And have the same windings as the actual 3 phase motor they may be
6. And the same windings as the transformer windings in a welding
machine they may be driving?
7. I imagine both 'add-a-phase' motors, have to have the same windings,
either Delta or Wye?
I saw a mention in one of the recent group articles about Delta, but now I
cannot relocate that article, hence these questions. Sorry
thanks all.
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The wild leg implies a delta connection. If it's a 240 volt delta transformer with one winding center tapped, the voltage between 2 of the legs and the center tap will be 120 volts. The voltage between the third leg and the center tap is 208 volts. That's the wild leg.
Square root of 3 to be exact...
add-a-phase, both
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