Ali-GMAW property loss high currents?

Hi there. Ali Pulse GMAW... I'm trying to interpret. I tried fairly identical fillet welds on 6mm (1/4inch) extruded 6082 (Al-Mg-Si) at

230A and "+9" on trim (as hot as it will adjust) - reporting about 26V 215A and no trim (synergic recommended) 185A and no trim (synergic recommended) and broke them. The 230A weld was beautiful but broke easiest, seeming soft. The tear-out was a good part of a millimetre (about 30 thou inch) into the plate under the fillet. No difference was obvious with the breaks of the fillets at 215A and 185A both no "trim". In blows to break or appearance of the very shallow tear-out. Anyone help to interpret this? I was told to be careful of beautiful smooth Ali welds as they will be seen to be the first to break when on a boat. Quite a cold looking welds with ripples best, he said.

I never tried breaking spray-transfer welds in previous jobs, which are smooth and run best (?) with simple constant progression but the smooth judged-ideal condition was at a bit lower Amps and Volts and the weld-pool was a very shallow "slanting finger-nail" on the front of a rapidly progressing fillet bead. Able to comment about these? Was on 10m/min (394ipm) and 23V as notes of day record (web search suggests 220A at 10m/min wire feed speed)

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Richard Smith
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