Ali GMAW - defect rates - spray, pulse

Hi Plea for real experience information. Thicker Ali at above about 130A. Probably wire-feed-speed at or above 10m/min (394ipm) Thinking of marine-grade 5000-series Al-Mg, but experience of other grades would apply regarding this question. For welds, compare / contrast:

  • spray-transfer/smooth-run ^ v
  • Pulse-mode/stepped-progression

Or any comparison of spray/Pulse modes and of smooth/stepping progression.

Flaw and defect rates, please. This would be by radiography (x-ray) and mechanical test (strength alone will reveal everything important about Ali?).

Here in UK we have an orthodoxy about which process / approach must be used. Defect rates are / can-be high. Which surely simply cannot be the case universally??? Unfortunately I have not been able to test the welds I trust the most.

Thanks in advance, Rich Smith

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10m/min - that's with 1.2mm wire...
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