Review Grizzly $525 Pulse TIG Welder H8153

Got one yesterday - from Grizz, through Amazon. Right after the order
Grizz emailed about them being out stock till late July, but somehow
shipped one 2 days after I ordered it.
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I posted here when they first appeared in 07 catalog and wuz pretty
about them. After some short thinking I decided I didn't need the much
expensive AC/DC model, as I never weld Al.
The unit is very compact, appears to be well made and well ventilated.
quiet when operating. Comes with #17 tig torch with cups and electrode
stick holder, ground clamp. All fits together well.
After getting electrical plug and attaching it to the power cord,
assembling torch,
sharpening fresh lanthanated 1/16 electrode, hooked up argon tank,
went DCEN, put on me self-darkening $40 HF mask and got to some
sacrificial 2x2 angle.
Now, my experience with TIG wuz limited to $200 unit from HF - scratch
starting with whole
lotta sticking, cracking sound of the very aggressive arc. It worked
OK, but this unit is leaps and bounds above it !
The arc is dead quiet and absolutely smooth ! It starts like a
charm . HF has 2 settings and I think in one setting HF is always on,
while in other setting the voltage gets dropped a bit, so you have to
get the electrode closer to steel you weld to get it started.
It also appears to have a lift start. It is simply impossible to get
the electrode to
stick ! A+ With the el cheapo unit, I was constantly burning the tip
off - either through
sticking or when welding, due to the extremely "aggressive" nature of
the arc. Not anymore .
The arc is silkly darn smooth.
Next test will be welding 2 razor blades together - on pulse setting,
just for the heck of it.
So there you have it folx. If one is a pro and welds for NASA, it
prolly aint' the unit for you.
But for a hobbyist, methinks we got something definitely worth
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