anybody do anything with copper?

I am interested in buying some sheets of copper and making some fountain creations. I would have to cut and shape copper, and join some seams. Would the best way be to solder them? Is there a special process? Do I use flux? Lead solder? Lead/tin solder? Rosin core? Give me some hints.

Also, I want to create some copper tooled insets for door panels and decorative work. It is stunning, and weathers great. How would I join those seams without getting too big a HAZ that is visible forever, and that doesn't patinate?

Suggestions and sites appreciated greatly.


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What you want is a propane tank and a tank of oxygen - I have large tanks. Then go to a home supply and find some bronze brazing rod. The air conditioning tradesman use it when putting in hard fittings (air conditioners...) and it seems to melt at a lower temp than the copper - nice for copper fittings...

It with the flux works just about like solder and will last and color just like the copper.

The lead.... will turn white with black(sulfur) and will erode under CL in the water.

SO if you can braze or TIG it - that is the way to go. I braze it myself.


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If you are going to do a lot of brazing, get a "Gas-Fluxer". I love the one at work.

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