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Just wanted to ask if anyone has ever been to the Metal Worker School, MOS

44B, at Aberdeen, MD. while in the Military. I have a son that just got there and will be starting soon. He worked with me for several years and decided to join the Army. He is already a good weldor so maybe it will be good to learn some extra. Thanks for any info.
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Paul Wilson
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It could work both ways. He could learn a ton if'n he doesn't think he already knows everything. If he goes at it like a newbie, they will definitely teach him a LOT.

As a teacher, I'd rather have students that don't know anything than those with prior experience. Or worse yet, prior union members.



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Steve B

Never heard of it, but my Dad grew up in Baltimore and was stationed at Aberdeen during the Korean War. I'll ask him if he knows anything.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Aberdeen Proving Grounds comes to my mind. A very old base with History.=

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APG is Aberdeen Proving Grounds

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The Test Center...

Might try Google and add MOS

Maybe the website can provide data.

The following chart shows the primary enlisted Military Occupational Spec= ialties (MOS) for the United States Marine Corps, as well as the job training locations= for the specific MOS.



Course Number: Version 1: 702-44E30 (44B). Version 2: 702-44E30 (44B). Ve= rsion 3: 702-44E30 (44B). Version 4: 702-44E30 (44B).

Location: Ordnance Center and School, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD.

Length: Version 1: For Track 44B, 17=9618 weeks (632 hours). Version 2: 1=

7=9618 weeks (632 hours). Version 3: 14=9615 weeks (522 hours).=20 Version 4: 19 weeks (678 hours).

Exhibit Dates: Version 1: 12/85=969/86. Version 2: 10/86=9611/91. Version= 3: 12/91=969/96. Version 4: 10/96=96Present.

More info here:

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Ernie Leimkuhler wrote:

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