Re: The Presidentail Race

claimed to have
>committed atrocities during one of his testimonies
First off let me say that I am not, nor ever have been a soldier.
I come from a LONG line (relative got to Moscow and back with
Napolean, WW II was a disaster) of soldiers, and parents
decided it was time to take a break. My younger son is looking
to join the Army this winter. (Ranger :)
That said.... It just made me sick to hear the way Kerry announced
this. No remorse, no feelings of sorrow or guilt.
Extremely disingenious, and disgracefull in his statement (s)
Disgusting and lack of caring come to mind......
The worst is that it is an affront to all those who served and didnt
do such things, upheld their morals and princples in spite of the
danger they were in. People who actually have the princples that Kerry
so obiviously was lacking in. People who knew the difference between
right and wrong, unlike Kerry.
Just like Ted Kennedy who thought about covering his ass first, and
not worrying about the inncocent life that he just snuffed out.............
I'm sorry, but I just dont get it, these peoples moral behavior just
makes me want to throw up !
"Only a Gentleman can insult me, and a true Gentleman never will..."
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