Ah, I see now.

That is an idea. I think that polystyrene is flammable and noxious if burning so, I would have to cover it but you and Martin bring up another option.

I will Google for polystyrene sheets.

Thanks for that good idea.


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The sheets of high density rigid foam are blue to show they are for temp control and not for other uses. Kinda like the 'pink' glass -

Spraying on a coat and expecting it to foam out and then freeze perfectly is a risky trick. I see it done on wood buildings and they use large saws to saw across the face of the studs.

When you have a sheet of stuff that you cut to fit and then hold it in place - It is a finished product and provides the standard spec of protection.

Check the local home builder type place and see what they have.

I live in deep East Texas and it gets hot here also. RH in the 80-90 often with flow off he Gulf and a hot sun.

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