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I am just starting up a part time buisness ...I still work full time as a fabricator mainly doing tig welding on light gauge stainless and aluminum for the food industry ,,

Mainly what I want to do in my buisness is some light fabrication but mostly welding repairs I own a lincoln precision tig 275 and a millermatic 251 which I purchased just a few months back...I want to keep my work do tig welding for the majority of my work ..

The question:

I'm looking for some sort of database either online or on disc for the computer that will give me info on procedures filler metals and pre-heat and post heats. As many of you may well know these programs are quite expensive and I'm just getting into buisness, so if anyone could tell me of of less expensive route to go or some good web sites to lok at it would be much appreciated...

Thanks in advance

Shaun C

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Shaun Chandler
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For CHEEP, or FREE it seems most of this stuff is either on hard copy or the web. I have a SPEC-AIR resource book and of course a whole buncha web bookmarks. I read Ed Craig's page quite a bit, he has some materials for sale. Disclaimer: I don't know him, represent him, etc., but he seems to be very credible. start here:

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