Pitted tungsten ?

Guy I know has a small production shop , making small lot custom products
. We were talking today about TIG welding , he was showing me the machine
and settings and such . While looking at the I
noticed that the tip of the tungsten was pitted and rough . Is it supposed
to be smooth ? He welds both aluminum and SS with the same one from what he
said .
I've just met the guy , we have mutual friends , and I'm currently
machining some small parts for him . He wants me to try my hand at TIG
welding some stuff , so he can do other things , so I'll probably be asking
some questions ... f'r instance , he hasn't been using the pulse function ,
and has had some problems welding light guage aluminim to heavier stock and
I'll probably try to set that up . Guess I should mention this guy is
self-taught - and must be a good pupil because I thought his stuff looked
pretty good . If this works out this will be pretty much full time between
the welding and machine work . Just exactly the right time too , the wife
has been pushing me to apply at WM ... sez it's better than nuttin'
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Terry Coombs
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Lanthanated and Ceriated Tungstens work on AC (for aluminum, magnesium) and DC (for everything else).
As long as he is cleaning off the tungsten before switching polarity he should be fine. Also on DC the tungsten should be sharpened to a pencil point. On AC you will want to form a ball on the tungsten using a clean piece of copper or aluminum by switching the polarity to DC Electrode Positive. Form the ball and then switch it back to AC. This will give you a much better ball than AC.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Thanks Ernie . I was braggin' you up to this guy , he's never had any training , didn't know what some of the functions of his machine are . Everythng I know about TIG is "book larnin'" , but I can run a pretty decent MIG and stick bead . I've printed your response for my own reference ... I suspect that I'm going to be doing some TIG in the future . -- Snag
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Terry Coombs

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