Help buying used 220v Mig

I just missed out on a sweet deal on a 220 mig. Someone was selling a
Hobart Beta 250 for $400, which Ernie informed me would sell for around
$900 typically.
I'm looking to find a used 220 mig, single phase, 200 or so amps for
between $700 and $900 including tank.
The thing is I don't know what to look for. What models will sell for
such a price. What, if any models/mfg should I stay away from. What
about parts availability to repair, consumables?
If I am looking at a welder in person, what areas should I inspect and
what should I look for indicating the equipment was properly cared for
or mistreated.
Should I consider buying a new mig machine? What's the deal with
Hobart, are they owned by miller now? They both have a 210 model. What
about licoln electric? Hobart 210's are going for $1095.
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Check with HTP...I believe they have something for you,
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James Arnold
Where are you. I have a Millermatic 200 for sale at the moment. It's a oldy but still in good shape. I'm asking $400 with the old 12' Tweco torch or $500 if I include the nearly new 15' torch.
Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX
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Wayne Cook

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