how "not to weld "

has anybody watched TV channel - TLC, lastnight ? they had a show called "trading places" in it one of the guy was making a bed headboard and they wanted a metallic looking think , so they went out and got 1/2 "rebars" they cut it to lenght wit a "porta band", it was cool.

then came the funny part ...lets weld it together , one of the girl wnet out and rented a a 110 MIG. flux core to be exect form the local tool renting place

they were all standing aroung the rebars clamped together in their T shirts, wearing only welding goggles used for Oxy -acet. welding.

the guy was feeding out about 4-5 inch of wire and was stabbing it to the rebar repeatadly , they were all cheering as some sparks were flying. the pieces were staying together but it was pretty shaky.

next day the girl goes back to the tool rental place complaining about poor weld progress at the job site.

she comes back with the answer, they told her she needs a stick welder !!!

the tool renting place trailered an engine driven generator type stick welder to site, even stayed there to operate the engine, the original guy started welding again , with A/O welding goggles and in a T shirt again. stabbing the stick electrode to the rebars. more spark was flying , and more cheering from the crowd.

however at the end I saw an other person performing the weld in the backgound.

it was funny to wach it on national television.

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Is that a UK show imported ? We have a plague of the damn things...

I'm not really a welder, I'm a woodworker. If you think their welding is a lash-up, then you should see what cabinetmakers think of their work !

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Andy Dingley

Anyone with a brain would know that painting is not "fun" - painting is "work". Hard friggin work. You try to turn it into a Tupperware party and this is what you get.

To my knowledge, this show has never demonstrated a single example of craftsmanship.

What I'd like to see is some real novices like this taking on the task of open heart surgery, or maybe delivering a baby or something. Now that would be a good show.

What it really demonstrates is the current attitude toward the trades. Most people just have the attitude that - "Anybody can do it". I get a lot of laughs at that.

I wish I had a dollar for every phone call to come along and fix a window that some expert painted shut and allowed it to glue up so that it dont work no more. Hah hah - LETS HAVE A PAINTING PARTY !!!

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I agree that skilled trades are something that should be left to the skilled, or at the very least those that recognize what quality work actually is . Quality painting can be accomplished by the average Joe that has the knowledge of proper prep work and the patience to do a good job. In most instances, this is not the case. DIY'ers and shows like you mentions want to get it done the quick and easy way. The results of a fresh paint job good or bad will look pretty much the same on camera just after it's done. As you say, try to open the window, come back in three years and see how much paint is still sticking. This is when the quality of the job actually matters. Even a fresh but sloppy paint job looks good from far away. Good from far but far from good.

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you know how my wife gets me to paint?

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