Making an outside wood burning furnace

Guy at work is constantly talking about this now that its getting
cold and I had the idea that the place to find someone who had done
this was people with the skills to do it. What would be the point of
asking office people for example how to do anything. We have acess to
steel sheet from 12 ga to 3/8 thick.
He can get slabs from his brother-in-laws sawmill and wants to run
hot water from the outside furnace into the house. Then use radiators
to warm up the place. I know that there is more to doing it than just
a box to get it very efficient and thought he should find a book on
how wood stoves are constructed. Anyone here with any experience at
this or wood stove construction? I think I remember that if you use
steel plate that it won't last as long as cast iron for some
reason. ??
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This is the best design I have seen. Will require skill to fabricate successfully. Good luck.
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I know that there is more to doing it than just
Richard Hill at the University of Maine published a pamphlet entitled " Design, Construction, and Perfromance of a stick-wood Fired Furnace for Residential and Small Commercial Applications" in 1979. He used castable refractory for the wood burning part and a steel boiler ( not a pressure boiler ). So try googling on " Richard Hill university maine furnance ".
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Someone at "" may know.
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Johns Yard
Search for Mother Earth News There were articles there at one time.
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Butter wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
Is this it?
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Dan in Wyoming
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Dan R.
This sounds just like what he keeps talking about. Thanks a big bunch y'all Rosco
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