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When notching a round pipe, say 1-1/2" sch 40 black iron at a simple 90 degrees on a floor drill press, is it normal for the hole saw to pinch occasionally and bind the drill press assuming low speed, slow feed rate and lots of lubrication?

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Fred, According to my chassis guy he said it may be spinning too slow, allowing a chip to turn into a "grabber"(whatever that is?) He stated that the feed rate being slow is fine but the torque from the press may be impeded if it's a rheostat control vs. belt positions that allow torque transfer. His thoughts were add 5-10% more RPM and see if that stops the binding. It is assumed the cutters are sharp and correct for the application (ie: a bi-metal saw) Sometimes one funny tooth can cause this I was also told. Take a look at the cutter in depth. This guy builds my chassis and is well respected so it's just his thoughts. Hope it's of some value. Also clamping the parts tightly is needed but again, assumed it's being done.

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Fraser Competition Engines Chicago, IL. Long Beach, CA.

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I got it.

He stated that the feed

Its on a 5/8" chuck with 1/2hp belt driven floor drill press.


Yes, pretty new Milwaukee bi-metal hole saw.

Sometimes one funny tooth can cause this I was also told.

I have the pipe in a machine vice and three clams on this vice and a large clamp on top of the pipe - I don't want that sucker to move.

Thanks, lots of good tips above. Another guy mention normal bi-metal hole saws don't have enough teeth for this application and hence will grab the stock, will try increasing the speed one notch.

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