Plasma cutter flow rate requirement

I built it to match my needs. Basically compact to not take up my whole shop and fully enclosed and with water table to not mess up my whole shop. Powermax 1000, CANDCNC Dragon Cut DTHC controls, Mach3, SheetCAM, TurboCAD.
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Yeah! I actually jumped when it lit off! Very cool!
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Yes, nice to see it up and running finally. I've been working on it since December or so intermittently.
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Pete C.
Nicely done.
One thing I noticed was the return clamp on top!
At least you were not near.
I put mine on the bottom with a magnetic twist on attachment.
I use a high percentage of a plate and when possible, I cut out circles, and rectangles - various shapes - to have steel around.
I cut a lot of AR400 steel and get chunks that the scrap man wont. I'll make something out of them. The circles I like to use as steel pads on machine feet. Spreading the weight over a wider surface.
Looked like a large cane knife being cut.
I can't find a knife man around here - he'd love some of the scrap I have for his forge.
Pete C. wrote:
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Martin H. Eastburn
Thanks, it seems to have come out nicely. It only occupies a 3x4 footprint and is designed so I can move it with the forklift or palette jack if I need to. The water table and enclosure seem to do a good job of containing any mess. The other plasma torch for cutting down the sheet to fit the table makes a nice mess on the floor of course.
I'm going to put a basic lug connection to the support frame that holds the slats and use the frame for the return, since I clamp one corner of the sheet to that frame to eliminate any wiggle in the slats.
I'll have to put a few more sheets of material on my next steel order. I need to order some more tube and angle, going to add a perimeter rail to the roof of my camper, also looking at building a back porch for the truck / camper combo.
Actually, it was a support slat. The slats that were in the frame in that pic were just pieces cut from a roll of steel anchor strapping. The first cutting task was to cut "real" support slats out of 14ga sheet.
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Gunner raises his hand........
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