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whats the proper way to view while TIG'ing. better to go dark and close up, or further away while lighter on the shade? i find myself being real close to the arc with a darker shade, but i dont think is good for my eyes as the UV is very intense at that distance. but then again, if i view from a further distance i find myself having a harder time watching the pool and flow, especially while welding around circles in the vertical plane.

any advice??

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I am usually somewhere around 6 inchs. Just so I can see the pool a little. Thats a .40...tip....

Exception would be....junk steel 3/32 tungsten...then its further away

I finally got myself to quit using a circular motion, like I use when arc/mig, its more of a back and forth motion, for my tig.


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One thing that helps me out with seeing what's going on (I too am always too close to the work, don't feel alone.) Anyway, I got a decent set of reading magnifying glasses at Walgreen's for $12.00 and it makes a huge difference for me. And to make note- I have 20/20 vision uncorrected. They just really help.

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Since the lens will be blocking essentially 100% of the UV and IR regardless of the shade I don't think it makes any difference. Just get in as close as you need to to see comfortably and don't worry about it.

Pete C.

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Pete C.

I was taught to be comfortable there is no "wrong" way to look at a tig puddle as long as you dont throw your back out doing it

Comfort and visibility are tantamont I'm usually up around 12-18 inches but with my torch well out of my view of the puddle

in a T joint i think i leave the eelctrode out a bit too much but it works and i see what i'm doing well (and i increase my gas flow a bit)

But i'm a hobbyist so take my >whats the proper way to view while TIG'ing. better to go dark and close up,

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Brent Philion

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