Question on 14" reinforced composite saw blades.

Just got my 14" gas saw a few weeks ago so I'm new at this for cutting sheet metal and some angle iron with it. Have gone through three 14" reinforced composite blades very quickly. One had a chip on the outer edge as large as a quarter within a few seconds of use. The second blade shattered within a few seconds of use also. The last one lasted only couple of minutes before it shattered too. If the blade nicks on a piece of sheet metal then it exploited - very dangerous. Those blades don't indicate if its for the stationary chop saw or handheld gas saw. Who makes good blades for cutting steel with the handheld gas saws? How often do blades shatter or am I doing something wrong?

I have some 14" diamond blades, some for dry and some for wet concrete cutting. It would cut embedded rebars in concrete but could it be used just for metal safely?

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** Frank **
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Did you read the manual? Check the manufacturer's Website? Here's a link to a Stihl cut off saw user guide:

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Grant Erwin

Is this a Harbor Freight wonderful?

Do NOT use a dry diamond cut off wheel on steel. Yes, they can stand an occasional rebar, but will not be a good choice to saw sheet metal.

Make sure the blades are rated for a hand held gasoline cut off saw. This is usually done with a picture on the blade.

Make sure the blade is made for steel, not masonry. They look just alike, but they sure are different.

Some good brands: Sait Pferd Norton

Each saw manufacturer has a line of blades with their own name on them: Makita Target DeWalt Milwaukee Stihl Partner CoreCut

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No, it was a Norton blade mounted on a Hilti gas saw.

I'm trying out the DeWalt blades now. Couldn't find the Hilti gas saw blades in stock.

Thanks for the tip on not cutting steel with the diamond blade.

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** Frank **

Thanks, good information from Stihl.

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