Respirator recommendation - supplied fresh air?

Respirator recommendation - supplied fresh air? Any recommend for full or half face respirator, I would prefer supplied fresh air, something that does not break the bank. I do a fair amount of plasma cutting mild steel and stainless steel, grinding with angle and bench grinder, spatter and over weld removal with air operated tools such as high speed cut-off wheels, carbide burr removal tools. And of course welding, mostly with MIG and TIG. I use a ventilated welding boot but by the end of the day I have black buggers (sorry, did not mean to be gross). I've been using a standard half mask with twin cartridges during plasma and grinding but nothing for welding. Any opinion on full face supplied air respirators?


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I have tried a 6 inch (clothes dyer) tube that I run to an 8 ft height outside vent.

I put a ventilator (squirrel cage), I got at home depot for $75, on the end.

I sit at the welding table with the ventilator blowing against my chest. It does vent the welding helmet, but still some fumes get through.

"I've been using a standard half mask with twin cartridges during"....have tried it too.

Mostly its best to be outside, with a huge fan blowing the junk away.


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