rose bud

Also keep in mind that a rose bud requires a very large flow of fuel.
A single small (approx 125 cubic ft) acetylene cylinder will produce
about 1/7 of it's capacity when full per hour. Check the specs of
your rose bud tip to see what it requires. Short duration with one
single will be OK but not much more
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Actually the tank will produce whatever you ask of it, full or not, BUT to ensure that you don't have the potential for an explosion you should not draw *more* than 1/7 of it's capacity per hour. So if you have a 75cu-ft bottle do *not* draw more than about 10cf/h from it. Or run it at higher than 15psi for that matter. Ken
Al wrote:
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ken c
I stand corrected on the flow capacity. I should have added the word "safely" deliver 1/7 the capacity of the cylinder.
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