Sinking !

Heat sinking , to be precise . Got the B.A.D.'s (big ass diodes , 275a @

600v) in the mail , and am working on some heat sinkage . I have some 2" X 2" X 3/16" aluminum angle I plan on bolting into a T section (the diode will bolt through the doubled area) . A 3" section of that T will give me about 35 square inches of radiating surface . With convective cooling should that be enough for around 175 amps of DC current ? At that level , the duty cycle is only 20% ... I'm also wondering what to use as insulating standoffs from the case . I sure don't want anything that might melt if things get a bit too warm ! The case will be 20 or 22 ga. sheet metal , since I've got some around .
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Should be enough. Be sure to put heatsink compound in the angle joints as well as under the diodes. Porcelin standoffs would work well. Failing aquiring that I have had good luck with nylon bolts. If it gets hot enough to melt a 5/16" nylon bolt the diodes are already toast.

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