TIG Coolant

I gt a decent deal on a Miller Coolmate 3, so I will replace my
homemade cooler with it.
My question concerns coolant. In my homemade one, I used RV antifreeze
that is pink.
It actually worked fine. The coolmate manual has some drastic warnings
to use only miller coolant (at 30 bux/gallon). Has anyone tried using
rv antifreeze in them, does it work well etc. I had no problems with
HF, and conductivity, and my CyberTIG with the pink RV stuff.
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I thought that RV antifreeze was more like $5 per gallon? So why are you using 25/gallon antifreeze? I did not quite understand what you were saying, sorry. I thought you started off saying that RV antifreeze worked fine, and then sad you were buying 25/gal NEO antifreeze?
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Probably wrong in many ways, but the Miller Tig cooler at my former job used plain old Prestone green antifreeze. Same stuff was in there for at least 16 years that I know of---no problems.
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I have used Prestone since at least 1983 with no problems.
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replace my
used RV antifreeze
drastic warnings
anyone tried using
problems with
at my former job
at least 16 years
Since 1988 here.....same results......;>)
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Phil Kangas
The RV stuff is probably perfectly fine. I use the Thermal Arc TIG coolant in my V3 and it is 75% deionized water and 25% ethylene glycol. I haven't changed it since new and it still seems perfectly fine.
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Pete C.

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