Marquette Arc Welder, Model 10-108, 295A

Hi All,

I have been lurking here for some time and finally started a welding class several weeks ago. My brother gave me an old Marquette welder (model 10-108, 295A) which is missing a few parts. Where might I find the pins (plugs?, connectors?) that connect the welding cables to the welder? I'm also looking for a manual.

Not much information on-line other than the company was bought by Lincoln several years ago. Not much info at the Lincoln site either.

I'll ask at my local welding supply shop but wanted to ask here also.

Thank you, Scott

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Is this the kind of welder that has a whole bunch of holes in the front that you put the lead in? If so, and if you need the tapered twist lock fittings that go on welding lead, you can get those at any welding supply store.


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Grant Erwin

I have found that taking it to the welding store is the best. You'll know if you have the right part before you leave. You'll also find out if you have a salvageable welder or a good boat anchor in short order.


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