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I certainly don't claim to have any expertise at any sort of welding, been to a couple of welding schools at the vocational school but was never taught this. I have a grate in my woodburning stove that I would like to raise an inch or so. I believe the grate is cast iron. I'd like to weld something onto the bottom legs to accomplish this. I tried welding a few things to the legs but to no avail. I'm using an ARC welder, tried 6013 and 7018 and I can't get anything to adhere to the legs. Any advice on welding to cast iron would be appreciated.


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Cast iron is apparently tricky to weld ( or cut with a torch it seems)

You can weld it with an electrode containing nickel.

Have you thought about putting the grate on a one inch piece of metal? I raised mine using several pieces of old 1" steel joiner plates found along a rail line.


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Graham Parkinson

Welding cast iron is tricky. Regualr steel rod like 6013 or 7018 won't wrok. Brazing is out, your application gets too hot. Nickle rod is good, it still takes some preheat/postheat.

I had the same issue with fireplace grate. I simply tapped the 4 legs for 3/8-16 bolts, screwed > I certainly don't claim to have any expertise at any sort of welding, been

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Hard thing to weld, especially when you're going to be heating it up in cycles afterwards.

Make a "tray" of mild steel for it to stand on - just the four legs and a little bracket between them to hold them at the right spacing.

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Andy Dingley


Cast is tricky cos its the metal equivelant of sausages or kebabs, you dont know whats in it.

Even if you manage to weld it, it can often crack while cooling. Preheat often helps.

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I have succesfully welded (with MIG) a broken cast iron leg on a outside cast iron bench, My dad is still using this bench 5 year since. The Technique I Used:-

  1. Ground a V along the break, using an angle grinder.
  2. Welded using Mig wire in V gap filling as I went along (intermitant mode)
  3. Blob by Blob in V, & Paused to cool
  4. Allowed to cool naturally.
  5. Painted Black. regards S
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Cast iron joins well with O/A brazing rod..........


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Mountain Mike^^

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