Welding 17-4 PH to 316L

I am TIG welding using Inco 82 filler, still have problems with cracks. The weld is required to be helium leak tight.

Should this be preheated? the 17-4 is in the annealed condition.

Thanks Richard

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Why Inconel 82? According to my Inco alloys chart, Inconel 92 would be better.

For that matter 317L, 309L or 312L would likely work better.

I would recommend a light preheat of the parts to 300 - 500 degF. You haven't stated how thick the pieces are, but Inconels don't like to be cooled too fast and welding a heavy bar without preheat tends to chill the weld quickly.

17-4 welds pretty easily as long as the welds can cool slowly and the amperage is kept to a minimum.

Warming the parts prevents the welds from chill cracking.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

Thanks Ernie, I was recommended to use Inco 82 by

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I checked their site. Special metals is a company that was formed by a merger of Inco Alloys and a few other companies.

My older Inco chart shows 92 as better, but it seems they don't make 92 anymore. In fact they don't seem to make 82 either, even though it is still on the chart.

My favorite disimilar metals filler is Hastelloy W. I too have had cracking problems on heavy sections if I didn't preheat.

Since your base metals are both stainless steels I would think a stainless steel alloy might work better.

I still think 309, 312 or 317L would work better for your application, but then a lot depends on intended use of the piece as far as heat and corrosion resistance.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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