Welding 4130

Hi All, I know there is a previous thread about this subject but it
does not cover my question. I need to attach a piece of 4130
commercial heat treat tubing to 1018 plate. The tubing will be cut
with a torch lengthwise (to make cee channel) and ground smooth and
then welded to the plate. I'm using 4130 on recommendation from a
heat treater. I need this assembly to be tough as it is the basis for
a hand tool. After I weld this tube and plate together I understand I
will have to stress relieve the weld. I was told also that I may have
to heat the parts up prior to MIG welding. Anyone tried this before?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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It is important to know the thickness of the pieces. If for example you were welding foot long piece of half tubing one inch in diameter to one inch thick plate I would be more concerned about preheating the mild steel plate than the alloy tube. Preheating will reduce the rate at which the welded assembly cools after welding. Randy
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Randy Zimmerman

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