Welding steel that has aluminum cast around it?

This one is stumping me. I really don't want to ruin anything. The
machine is an engraving machine. The part is an aluminum casting with
steel strips cast into it. These strips are about 2 inches long and
3/16" wide. I don't know how far they go into the casting. These steel
strips are ground and a single ball bearing rolls on each one. There
is damage in the form of dents on these steel strips. A call to the
maker of the machines had never seen this type of damage and they are
at a loss on how to repair it. JB Weld and TIG welding were both
suggested. I know JB Weld would be too soft. But I'm afraid that
welding on the steel might cause the steel to shrink away from the
aluminum. Any suggestions?
Eric R Snow
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Eric R Snow
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This might be completely unrealistic, but could you perhaps grind down the whole surface, aluminum and all, to restore it to flatness?
Without seeing it I imagine there is a 99% chance that it isn't possible :)
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Yup. Mill away the dents and inlay a piece of tool steel, secured with superglue. Unless you have heat around, should hold indefinitely. Or just put a thin piece of tool steel over the whole steel part, as you advised me to do recently to my abrasive cutoff saw body.
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Grant Erwin
TIG brazing might be a good bet. It should be the least amount of heat for the best bearing ability. TIGing with steel filler might shrink the steel inserts and loosen them. I would also worry about creating hard spots with steel TIG due to the quick quench.
You might also look at Lab Metal and see if it can be used in a thin section to meet your needs.
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Kelley Mascher
I am thinking either steel epoxy putty or making up new rail surfaces from thin steel sheet and epoxying them over the old rails.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
WHAT!!?? You want me to take my own advice? Thanks, Eric
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Eric R Snow

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