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Does anyone have experience masking and painting fabric covering?  I'm using
Solartex covering.  When I try to mask off an area, the paint tends to
bleed under the mask because the weave in the fabric doesn't allow a perfect
seal at the mask edge.  I've tried various masking materials, including
masking tape, frisket film, etc.  Finally gave up and brushed the model
freehand.  Turned out OK but don't want to do it again.

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Re: painting fabric covering
Paint your base color, mask, shoot around the edge of the mask with a little
more base color to seal the edge, then paint your second color.

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Re: painting fabric covering
The fabric should first be primed with several coats of filler sanding
smooth with fine paper each time BUT beware of sanding into the fabric
itself.  After sufficient priming and sanding, you will be left with a
perfectly smooth surface (no fibre grain showing) and bleeding will not be a
problem.  Its a lot of work and that's why I prefer coloured fabric but
chacun a son gout.

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Re: painting fabric covering
Another option is to paint the masked line with clear.  this will seal the
masked area and let you get a crisp line for the color of choice with no
bleed thru.  This method still lets you avoid all the priming and retains
the fabric weave look also.

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Re: painting fabric covering
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I was building an Ace Seamaster 40 and was given the following advice
about painting Solartex.

I was told to put on two coats of butyrate dope to fill in the weave
(sand lightly with 220 sandpaper between coats) then paint (I used
epoxy paint).

Worked fantastic!

The dope also has the effect of 'locking' the shrink of the solartex,
it won't sag nearly as bad.

After you have filled the weave, masking works as normal.

Worked for me.



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