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On Jul 25 1997 Lyman Slack posted in reply to someone else,

You sure are making your life complicated! Engine guru Clarence Lee notes that as an after run oil, MARVEL AIR TOOL OIL is all you need. Period. He assumes you also run out the fuel in your engine after your last flight.He does recommend, however, that for prolonged storage, you pickle the engine in a 50/50 mix of MATO and ATF (auto transmission fluid).

After reading the whole thread, it sounds like good advice. My question is; Does it have to be Marvel brand Air Tool Oil ? AutoZone has Campbell Hausfeld ST1270 Air Tool Oil.

It is , Specially formulated with rust inhibitors, anti foaming and anti gumming additives to maximize tool performance.. Not designed for use in air compressors.

Is there something mystical about Marvel, or will other Air Tool Oils work as well ?

Any thoughts, or advice will be Greatly Appreciated,

Wayne R. Russ

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Wayne R. Russ
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I'll bet that would work just as well.

I don't think Marvel publishes a complete recipe for its oils. Maybe they've got a "secret ingredient" that others haven't found. Dunno.


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

I couldn't find the Marvel stuff and had to settle for Senco...Using it for bout a year,no problem yet. When I bought the Jet engine from Dub he strongly recommended the Marvel Air Tool stuff but just haven't been able to find it. Good luck

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Hausman is what I use. Seems to work - things don't rust.

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Mike Norton

My guess is that ANY name brand air tool oil will do the job. They are all made with the same function in mind: prevent corrosion and keep the parts lubed.

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Paul McIntosh

I got some at O'Reilly's Auto Parts. Interestingly they didn't have any on the shelf. When I asked about it they had plenty in the back room. Go figure. . . .

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Hey Wayne --

MATO is basically Marvel Mystery Oil with an anti-rusting additive (ever noticed how much an air tool sweats?). Off hand, I'd bet any Air Tool Oil would be about the same. MATO is usually available at auto parts stores, rental tool companies, and even some auto paint supply stores. The nice part is that it comes in handy

4 oz. size.
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Lyman Slack

Ok Thank You everyone,

I got the Campbell stuff. It came in a 8 oz. bottle and I believe it was approx. $1.50, so it didn't drain my wallet.

Your advice has been Very Much Welcomed.

Thank You again,

Wayne R. Russ

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Wayne R. Russ

He specifically mentions MATO as the product then he mentions" ANY" ATF so I would think that he ment it the way I typed. MATO and ant ATF 50-50 for long term storage. Cheap insurance in my opinion. Sparky

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Wayne, Walmart has Marvel Mystery Oil, but if you don't want to fool around with after run oil, buy Omega (Morgan Fuels) and read the label.

Phil AMA609

Wayne R. Russ wrote:


question is;

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I have never had much success finding Marvel Mystery Oil when I thought about it, but I have been using Rislone for 20 some odd years with no problems. A couple of very hard run engines needed new bearings, but in each case I shut down in the rain and probably failed to burn off the left over fuel or oil the engine.

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I live in the Northern Virginia area and the local Pep Boys auto stores carry Marvel Air-Tool Oil in 4oz bottles for about $1.50. For me, this is a perfect size and seems to last forever.

Dick Sutton

"Six_O'Clock_High" > with after run oil, buy Omega (Morgan Fuels) and read the label.

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Dick Sutton

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