After run oil - Which one to use?

I am a newbie. Once I am done flying. I make sure sure I burn all the fuel
in the engine and then use a good amount of after run oil. I find commercial
after run oil too expensive at $2+ for a few ounces.
I have been told that several alternatives can be used:
Automatictransmission oil, Marvel air tool oil, and Starret tool and
instrument oil.
What should I use?
I have an OS .46 engine.
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Denis Leveille
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ATF and most any air tool oil will work fine. You need more than a few drops in the glow plug hole for it to work. a half teaspoon ful in the carb and let it run into the crankcase then spin the prop a few times with the starter.
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Paul McIntosh
I use Break-Free(r) happily, but in these times, I must hasten to add that should not be considered to be a recommendation, may cause your hair to fall out, your dog to run away, etc., etc.
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John Miller
Denis --
Noted engine Guru C. F. Lee has for years recommended the use of Marvel Air Tool Oil as an after-run. He also suggests a 50/50 mix of MATO and Auto Trans Fluid (ATF) for long term storage. However, most important of all is to run your engine dry at the end of the session before the after-run.
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Lyman Slack
Read the label on the fuel you are using. Omega/Cool Power now recommend that NO aftger-run oil be used because their fuels contain enough lubricants to sufficiently coat the important parts. I stopped usinf after-run during the season - I normally fly once a week - and I have noticed that the engine runs-up faster when cold and doesn't smoke like crazy when first started for the day. I do, however still use some after-run if I know it will be sitting for an extended period, generally more than two weeks.
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"Charlie Funk" wrote in message news:d5ntmd$ini$
I use Marvel Air Tool Oil. Don't use it in a YS unless it is of the synthetic based oil.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
Just be sure you use fuel with plenty of castor, 20% of the oil, or more. Using after run oil that will not mix with our fuel can actually cause corrosion. Else lube the engine with castor oil after flying.
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Sport Pilot
Leaving unburnt fuel in engines will cause corrosion. It's important to burn off the fuel at the end of the day, and while the engine is still warm.
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So true.
Running a good quality fuel and burning off excess (glow engines) at the end of the day actually alleviates the need for after-run oil for short term storage. I don't bother with after-run oil unless it is going to be a few months before I fly again.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger
don't use it. Never have, never will. I have engines that are 30 years old....have been in unsealed storage for years, and run just fine. As far as I'm concerned it's much ado about nothing.
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Jim Slaughter

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