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Anyone have any info on the AP 09? I am considering buying one and would like some opinions as I have never heard of them before. I read the lone review on RCU and it seems favorable but would like other input.


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I have the AP 15, it is a sweet running little guy, I suspect the 09 is similar. RC Report mag recently reviewed the AP .061 and gave it flying colors (excuse the pun). If I were looking for a 09 size I would seriously consider the AP brand.

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"Black Cloud" wrote in news:11katlel9aunfd8 @corp.supernews.com:

I can only give second-hand info. I had one, but I never actually installed it on a plane or a test stand, so I never tried to start it. Eventually it became clear to me that for that general size class, I was going to be flying electrics exclusively, so I sold it at our field. Of course, having the motor for sale, I had a few discussions with other guys at the field who'd handled them, and they were quite happy with them. As I recall, the muffler configuration required a longer-than-normal mount but gave a very compact installation.

Sure was a cute little motor.

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