Battery for Super Sportster EP

A fellow modeler in my club has the 48" version and is looking for a LiPo or
NiMh pack to replace the stock 7-cell 2100 mAh pack. He's not interested in
burning up the sky but just wants something that will give him pretty good
duration and a modest improvement in performance. Suggestions?
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The Lees
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I ordered the 3300 mah NiMH pack from battery space. Unfortunately, I crashed the plane a few days before the pack arrived due to aileron servos being reversed on my new computer radio :o( so I have yet to try it out. Lesson learned, ALWAYS do a complete pre flight on each plane BEFORE you put it in the air!!! As soon as I get a few replacement parts and new tail feathers in place, I'll let you know how the 3300 pack performs
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