Best Glue to attach actuators

I'd like to attach a micro actuator to a thin carbon fiber plate in such a way that I can remove it (unglue) again and use it on another plane. Any sovent used should not attack the insulation on the magnet wire of the coil.

I'm tempted to use "RC 560" canopy glue, but don't know if it can be dissolved.

Any glue gurus out there?

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a dab of hot glue? mk

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Storm's Hamburgers

Try GOOP...automotive, plumbers, home or whatever as they are almost all alike. Looks and works like silicone but does NOT attack materials...takes overnight to dry so you must be sure the parts you are gluing are held in place. You can remove it by peeling it off whatever you have attached it to, and the GOOP also peels off with no damage. I put servos in racing planes with the stuff and even put the rear view mirror in my car window with the is wonderful ...and you will find many uses for it will rub off your hands too...but holds tenaciously to whatever you stick it to...when I worked in the local hobby shop, we stuck quarters to the glass counter top and nobody could get 'em loose...but a knife blade inserted in the edge popped it loose.. KMart, your local car store or whatever....Hobby Lobby sells a similar product under their own name and label at a much higher price than the generic Goop. Hendersonville, TN

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Frank Schwartz


I know ShooGoo does attack styro and I bet Goop does too. It's great stuff though. mk

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Storm's Hamburgers

Best is DS foam pad.

I use epoxy. It sort of sticks. Enough so the servo doesn't fall of, but in a crash it usually shears along the glue-to-plastic line.

Others use hot glue.

Others use polyurthane.

Canopy glue ain't great - its some form of PVA.

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