Birch Plywood bending radius

Hello folks,
I'm not an RC modeller but need to use some of the thin birch plywood on
a woodworking project. I have never had my hands on this stuff and
will have to mail-order since it isn't available locally.
What I am trying to do is get a feel for the typical allowable bending
radius for the thinner sizes like 1/64, 1/32, 1/16 and are there any
special techniques for bending that might be unique to this product.
Thanks in advance,
Bill M
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1/64th can be bent to a 2" radius with the grain with little to no prep on the wood. The usual woodworking tricks of steaming or ammonia will make things conform better. As with all wood there is always an advantage to beign able to hold the piece in your hand to make a better evaluation of your options. I highly recommend finding a hobby shop if at all posible.
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Thanks. Thats close enough for me.
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You can try soaking. I have made cowls about 2.5" diameter from 1/32" ply, and gone a little smaller on 1/64"
Biggest problems came bending very thing (about 1/6" wide) strips of 1/64" ply to form wing outlines. I did get down to 3/4" diameter curves. but most split.
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The Natural Philosopher
Spray water on the ply and run a 300 degree clothes iron over it. The heat will drive the steam into the wood, and the ply will bend ACROSS the grain more easily than with it, since the moisture doesn't penetrate the centre plies well. I have wrapped a strip of 1/16 birch ply around a pencil using this method, although the inside veneer will wrinkle a bit at that tiny radius. Get an old iron. If you use your wife's, you'll be buying her another. The resins from the wood will stain it. Dan
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Dan Thomas

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