can you prove a cc lipo charger exsists?

post here any proof that a Constant Current only charger with no voltage
control what so ever can fully charge a Li po with out going over 4.2v a
or any other type of LiPo charger that does not follow the usual cc/cv cycle
I don't want to see any if buts or maybes just a simple link to a data
sheet or a battery or chargers manufacturers website
I know cc/cv chargers exist so don't post links for these
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Err, the laws of physics dictate that such a thing is impossible. The terminal voltage is a function of charge state and current. Well, I suppose you could charge at cc at the terminal charge current (perhaps C/10) until the cell voltage reached 4.2V or whatever, but you'd be there for at least 10 hours to charge a single LiPo, why would you want to do that??
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Nobody Here
No I do not.
You made that up.
Along with everything else.
I merely said it was possible to charge at a constant current all the way to 4.2v and then simply stop the charge, if that is what you wanted to do. There need be no 'tapering off' unless you count a nanosecond or two of delay..
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The Natural Philosopher
Yes sir! Immediately sir!
Sheesh, nice tone in your message.. try using some manners next time.
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Digital Super Charger/Discharger SM-5500A Discharge Power : 22W
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