LIPO charger add on

I remember a review in Red's column in "RC Report" on a lipo charger that
would go in front of a charger like the Diamond to add lipo. Does any on
know which issue had this or a review on line or personal experience with
it. We just sold our house and moved into our motor home and I do not have
any of my old references now. I do not remember the name - "old-timers"
disease is getting bad!
Thanks in advance,
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Don Sanford
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That would have been Model Aviation Magazine - September 05.
You jest! Not really. A prototype device from Sid Kaufman (SLK Electronics - the ElectriCalc people) that found its way to the Battery Lab that does just that.
The LiPoDapter, as it is called, is connected between your LiPo pack and just about any charger with output voltage and current needed for the LiPo you want to charge. It conservatively counts the number of cells (good for from 2 to 6 cells and can handle 5 amps - it will not accommodate a single cell for balance charging should it be needed) allowing you to bump it up if it counts low (never counts high). While you are setting it up, green LED blinks number of cells. If this is correct you then hold down the program button for 5 seconds until the red LED comes on, blinking the number of cells to confirm your setting and indicating you are connected to the charger. Then you set your charger to the desired charge current. When the red LED stops blinking and the green LED comes on the charge is complete and the charger is disconnected. I found it worked on any charger I had in my collection - even the Alpha 4 (on N function). The test version was packaged in 6-mil clear heat shrink.
The units tested do have a drawback. The LiPoDapter has what we could call a hard cut off once it reaches the cutoff voltage. If you are charging at higher rates, such as 1C recommended by most manufacturers, the LiPoDapter charges the pack only about 70%. Most Lipo chargers employ a tapering current as they approach cut off, what we would term as a soft cut off. If you use a lower charge current you will get to a higher level of charge, but that will take some time. For more information see
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Red Scholefield
Thank you so much. That was the article I remembered, sorta. I mixed up the publications but I will explore in to see if it meets my needs.
Thanks again,
Don Sanford Lately from Hawthorne and still "Suawanee Valley RC Fliers" -----------------
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Don Sanford
Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
I have the lipodapter from slk electronics. I am using it with an Astroflight 110 charger and it works fine. Just follow the instructions and you will have no problems. Beats the heck out of buying ANOTHER charger.
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Ted Campanelli
Maybe not. There are good reasons to have a charger dedicated to charging LiPo batteries only. Also good to have one that is goof proof - i.e., won't allow you to make an error in cell count or capacity in set up. The Ripmax Quattro charger (same except for label is sold by Graupner et al) is on sale at HobbyPeople for 20 bucks. Charges 1-4 cells at up to 3 A, automatically sets cell count and charge current (continuously, with the battery in a feedback loop providing state of charge data) and has only one button to set - GO. Dunno about you, but I get a bit of comfort from using a charger that precludes my making an error that might result in burning the shop down.
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Abel Pranger
this tapering current cut off is not a feature of the charger its a feature of a constant charge voltage on the LiPo, as the voltage of the cell rises nearer the charge voltage the current has to decrease what we would term as a soft cut off. If
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"Abel Pranger" wrote
If you are not charging your batteries in a fireproof container, then you could burn your shop down with ANY charger.
If you are charging them in a fireproof container, then all you will have is a big stink in the shop, no matter what happens.
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If you would like to read more about the dangers of charging LiPo batteries, go to this web-site.
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I am not associated with Kevin.
I do not know Kevin.
I'm merely directing you to his web-site for general information and the dangers related to charging LiPo batteries.
Good Luck! ________________________________ Earl Scherzinger 'AMA' #40329
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Earl Scherzinger
I don't have the Battery Bunker, but I do use a double walled steel document safe that cost about 15 bucks at WallyWorld, and a LipoSack, both of which are similar in function. The area I use for charging all batteries is the basement in my garage, concrete on all sides except for steel doors. Multiple layers of protection don't hurt; if I miss one (like charging while unattended......I've been guilty of that), there are others in place for backup. Even if insisting on using a dedicated charger with minimal controls to potentially be set in error seems a bit paranoid from a fire safety standpoint, it's primary as far as protecting the expensive LiPo packs from destruction. I don't recall that any of the dozen or so packs I have cost less than the $20 charger I use routinely, so I consider it cheap insurance.
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Abel Pranger
My gut feeling is that its probably as complex as a LIPO charger anyway, so why not just bite the bullet?
I admit I still have a nicad charger, but thats only because the wifes portable radio has been converted from PP3 to a 7 cell car pack...;-)
It took me about 3 weekends flying LIPOS before I ebayed every nickel pack I had and spent it all on more LIPOS. And an Astro 109.
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The Natural Philosopher

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