Looking for a VERY GOOD lipo charger.

I would like to take the plunge into lipo's, but would like suggestions
on a good charger. I see so many and here so many positive aswell as
negative comments on them. If you could, please explain why you like the
charger you have and what features you find are useful.
Thanks for the info
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Mike R
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Mike- If you can be patient just a little longer............. LiPo cells really should be charged in parallel; it's the only positive way to ensure that cell voltage under charge does not exceed a safe level. There are currently LiPo packs being marketed with taps to make this possible. I know of parallel LiPo chargers under development, but none that I know of currently on the shelves of your LHS. Give it a couple of months if you can, else don't make a big short-term investment, and get one with jumpers to manually set cell count and current - don't trust the smarts in any automatic charger, and double-check on your own smarts before every charge.
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Abel Pranger
I got my Accu-Cycle Elite about 7 weeks ago, from Tower Hobbies. It 'lists' for $149.99, but I got mine for $137.98 with various discounts.
Spent the first week cycling my NiCd's, and then started using it on my Kokam 3S/1500mah LiPo's.
When you input the Voltage + capacity/mAh + type of battery, it then auto-configures charge/discharge rates, albeit on the very conservative side & works just fine.
For my 3S/1500mah LiPo's it's Auto-configure set itself for 0.20mah charge rate.....which would have taken forever, but is best for battery longevity & safety. Naturally I reset it upping it to 1.00mah. I'm still well below the max & charges are faster, no heat either.
Something for ALL to remember when charging higher end LiPo's, they tend to drain the life out of your field box battery.....so charge them at home first, then expect to charge your field box battery after a day at the field.
Another thing; the Accu-Cycle Elite is primarily a 'cycler' that also properly charges LiPo's. Fast charging at high amp's has no place in such a cycler. If anyone wants higher charge rates &/or wants to 'cook' their batteries, this is not for them.
For it's intended use, the Accu-Cycle Elite does a really great job, and I love mine! I've re-programmed 9 of it's 10 memories to better suit the various battery pack I use. Leaving the 10th memory open for those various odd jobs, like a rechargeable screwdriver I have & other misc battery packs I'll come across in the future.
I also got the temperature sensors for it, but 1 turned out defective. Called Tower Hobbies & they mailed me a free replacement!
Only shortcoming I found is in the length of those temp sensors wires (about 6" leads), but Futaba servo extensions are a direct connection, so extending them is easy.
I fly electric/glow 50/50 and this cycler/charger fits everything I need it for. I really like the various ways you can power it; off it's included 110v. converter/house current, off a battery/alligator clips, or just plug it into your field box.
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Their Hobbico Quick Field Charger MKII is also a great charger!
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Jim L.
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Using - Virtual Access(OLR), ZAP 4.5, & WinXP Pro w/SP1
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Jim Lilly
I read a lot on chargers and cells ( months ) before I decided what choice to make for my own flying. I ended up purchasing an Apache 2500 charger as I felt it was safe, ecomonical, and would charge any packs I intend to use for the foreseen future. This is the best info page I have found on the charger. Depending on the vendor, about $50 -$60. I paid $55 and shipping was free. I like it and feel I have already got my moneys worth.
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I have just begun playing with Lipos. I ended up with the HECO lipo solution charger from Radical RC. I haven't used it yet, but it is solidly built. It was between that and the Apache 2500. There is some discussion on Lipo chargers at ezonemag.com.
John VB
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I've been happy with the Triton charger. It easily handles my Kokam 1500's at 1C as well as the NiCd's in my heli.
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