Cessna 182 problems Help!!!!!!

I have a problem with this plane, the radio controller works fine when checking for up/down and electric engine speed control levers but if I walk 15-20 feet I have no conrol at the controller it is dead but if I move back say 15 feet I gain all control again WHATS UP WITH THIS??? Could it be the reciever? where does the antenna wire connect to, because when I recieved the plane in the box the wire was lying on the inside of the plane's cabin next to the reciever? Does it go into the reciever ? if it does what does it connect to or solder to??? Help!!!!!

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The receiver wire is broken off. You need to contact the place you bought the plane from for a replacement. Unless you are very familiar with electronics repair, you should not attempt to fix it yourself.

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Paul McIntosh

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