Need help with my first model

I bought my first RC plane two weeks ago and am having trouble due to a lack of
info in
the instructions. I have an electric Sopwith Pup from Kavan (foam not balsa).
instructions do not mention anything about mounting of the receiver nor speed
They show a small access door on the bottom for getting to the servos (just a
piece of
foam with a dowel stuck through it to hold it in place). There is nothing about
where or
how to run the wires. Here are my questions.
1. Where should I place the receiver and how should I mount it? (It's a Hitec
How important is it for me to be able to get to the reciever plugs? If I mount
it under
the pilot, the servos will block access to it. Should I glue it to the fuselage?
2. The electric controller recommends placing it in airflow but the fuselage
appear to have any holes. How big of holes do I need and how many in order to
create some
3. I do not currently have an On/Off switch in the power cable. How important
is this?
I assumed that I would simply unplug the battery cable when I wanted the plane
off since I
would probably need to recharge it anyway. Should the battery connection be on
exterior of the plane (the instructions show the battery cable hanging out
through the
cowling) or the interior (under some hatch or cover)?
4. Should I tape the wiring down or is it ok if they hang free? I assume I
need to place
it so it doesn't interfere with the servos.
5 The instructions show mounting the servos with the control arms(?) pointing
away from
the center of the plane but my servos (Hitec HS-55) have control arms that stick
out both
direction from the pivot point. This prevents me from mounting the servos close
together to fit in the fuselage. Is it ok for me to trim off the control arm on
one side
of each servo so they can fit closer together?
6. Where should I have the reciever antenna wire exit the plane? Is it ok to
have it
come out in the middle (behind the wheels) or should I have it come out the tail?
Thanks for your help.
Bob W.
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Bob W.
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Hello Bob,
speed controller.
about where or
Hitec HFS-04mg).
Wrap the receiver in rubber of foam and put it as far as possible away from the motor wires. For your first model, it is important to have easy access to all wires and connectors. Please do not glue the receiver directly to anything. Use Velcro if you insist on mounting it somewhere steady.
order to create some
Effective cooling needs inlet and outlet holes, not easy on that pup and not a pretty sight. Try to open up the front cowl and bottom.
plane off since I
Leave the on/off switch out. Provide easy access to that battery connector, inside or outside the fuselage does not matter.
I need to place
Wrap the wires so they don't interfere with moving parts. Try to prevent to use tape, save weight on that electro model.
stick out both
arm on one side
That's the right thing to do ! You learn fast.
The antenna should exit the fuselage as soon as possible. Make sure you check your controls before maiden flight.
happy landings,
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Thanks for your reply! I had read something about Velcro on the receiver but had forgotten. Now I can try finishing this thing before the weather gets bad.
Bob W.
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Bob W.

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