need help with expo and rates

I have the Twist 3-D and would like to know what percentage to use for low
and high rates with the control set to the furthest hole out on the servo
arm. Also, what expo rate should I use for the aileron, rudder, and
Here are some details that may help:
Super Tigre 51 engine
Hitec 425 BB servos
Hitec Optic 6 radio
have used 12x3.75, 11x5 prop.
I know I should experiment with it and I will, but I'd just like to know
what some of you folks are using with this plane. Thanks for your help.
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Darren Earle
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I am useing 40-50 % expo on my JR10X. My low rates are about half of high. Don't use the rate switchs a lot though.
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