Come to the Races, May 23, NE Houston Area.

The Jetero RC Club's War Bird races, "Mini Reno" was rained out Sat., 4/24.
Thanks to the D-VI RC Contest Coordinator, Doug "Chief" Powell and Ms. Amy in
the AMA Competitions Department, a quick reschedule was accomplished and the
War Bird Mini-Reno will happen on Sunday, May 23 starting at 9 AM.
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The plaques will still have April on them, but only 8 people will "have" to
take 'em home. There are more than enough gifts for each pilot and worker to
take something home. These items are furnished by both CyFair Hobby in the
Woodlands on I-45, and Larry's Hobby at 1960/I-45. plus some beads and ribbons
added by Jetero RC Club. In addition Pilots and Workers eat free. Usual
'burgers/chips/soft drink thing.
So grab that ARF mustang or zero or even a piper cub (yep they qualify) and
come see us. We do have 3800 sq. ft of shelter and maybe the new 800 sq. ft
will be up by then. So you can find a place in the shade.
Shucks, we might even let you build one of the new tables for the new shelter.
Wouldn't you just love that? (;-)) I thought you would.
Ya'll come now.

OH BTW Jetero's Eigth Annual Anniversary Open House Fly-In happens all day Sat.
May 01 from about 9 AM. Free flying to AMA members. No landing fees as you
will be our guest. 100 acres of flat open flying facility wit 100 X 600
contoured grass runway.
OTOH I think the kitchen committee requests compensation for their services.
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