dealing with foam

what type of glue is best on soft foam and what brand name is good

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Raymond Giddens
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Right glue is Elmer's white glue.

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If you are talking styrofam, I use tow or three types.

(i) White glue - PVA - works pretty well for things like laminating slabs together, and at a pinch can be used for skinning if you can ke[p an even pressure on teh whole shebang for a few hours. PVA is ideal for skinning with paper - tissue or brown.

(ii) General work of joining other things to it I tend to use epoxy. If you mix this with microballons its a lot lighter, and still stronger then the foam anyway.

(iii) I have experimented with contact adhesives - there is a rubbery adhesive (Copydex?) that smells of amonnia, and is often used to stick fabrc to wood etc. It works - or can work - as a contact glue, and so is useful for rapid skinning of the stuff.

(iv) I haven't used it, but there are some water based polyurethane glues out there that allegeldly work well also.

MOST CA's attack the stuff badly. As do most solvent based glues.

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The Natural Philosopher

"Hold the Foam" from a crafts store Instant Grab, Repositionable, water cleanup.

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Pete Christensen

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