Engine runs backwards...

I have a new .61 evolution that prefers to run clockwise. Since my
airplane does not fly well backwards, this is a problem. nine times out
of ten, the engine starts and runs smoothly, but in the wrong
direction. What can I do to teach a new engine an old trick? Dan
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Flip the prop backwards to start it. That is, do not flip through compression in the backwards direction, but fling the prop blade so that it bumps against compression in the backwards direction.
This starting technique works on many two-stroke and most four-stroke engines. Your glow plug must be glowing a bright orange, NOT yellow. Just a bright orange. Yes, it will start easier when glowing yellow, but it won't last as long - usually.
Or, you could do what the rest of us do and use an electric starter. I still hand start occasionally from habit, but I know exactly what you are experiencing. It has to do with the engine's port timing. There's nothing that you can do about it directly. You learn to use work-arounds. Good luck.
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The Amazing Seismo
Or you lean the mixture a touch, it's usually caused by an overly rich idle mixture. It can also happen if, when fuelling the engine, you inadvertently dump fuel into the exhaust and the engine kicks over backwards then runs on the fuel being sucked in from the exhaust for a while, 2 strokes can run in either direction, they just prefer one direction to another ;-)
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Chris Dugan
Chris was right - in severe cases the engines will oscillate - used to happen to me in my early days with overprimed, over compressed diesels.
Take care with the starter - if the engine is flooded it could bend the conrod or break off the crank pin.
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Malcolm Fisher

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